Confidentiality Guaranteed

We take data, product prototypes and product recalls very seriously. We ensure all electronics are processed in a secure and confidential manner.  When it comes to hard drives, our data sanitization systems use DoD 5220.22-M data wipe method;; our secure shredding process uses industrial hook-shear shredding physically destroying the hard drive platters into minimal pieces.  This tandem method assures no data remains intact and your intellectual property will always remain protected.

ERS International understands the importance of corporate confidentiality requirements relating to data and privacy and we adhere to it.

Secure Mobile Data Destruction

For added security, flexibility and convenience we will come to your office or facilities to securely destroy your hard drives right before your eyes. ERS International understands that when it comes to data and equipment, there are times when the chain of custody cannot be broken.  Our secure mobile data destruction unit is that additional service you can rely on assuring your security and privacy needs are met.





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