OECM gold award

OECM gold award

Re-Echo Tech/ERS International has been honored with the prestigious Gold Supplier Partner status for Electronic Device Disposal and Recycling Services, as part of OECM’s 2022 Supplier Recognition Program.

This recognition is a testament to ERS organization’s commitment to exceeding expectations and delivering top-quality services to OECM valued customers.

OECM Gold award signifies that ERS International not only met but surpassed the strict criteria set for quality performance & services for Ontario’s education sector and BPS community.

At ERS International, our mission aligns closely with OECM’s goal of providing a comprehensive choice of quality products and services while saving our environment significantly.

This recognition acknowledges the pivotal role ERS plays in meeting OECM customers’ needs through consistent and reliable service.

We are immensely proud to contribute to the success of OECM’s Marketplace to be part of a collaborative strategic sourcing effort and continue to provide excellent recycling services to all ERS customers.

ERS International team.