November 1, 2012 ers

ERS International Proudly Accepts 1st Place Award For Innovation & Change

We at ERS International always had the vision of offering the best possible recycling solutions for our clients while simultaneously making a difference and impacting change on a global level.

Well, we’re proud to say that vision has become a reality as of October 30th, 2012.

It was made official on behalf of the WTG (World Trade Group) during the Strategic Manufacturing Awards in Swissôtel Düsseldorf, Germany; with over 200 Industry leaders and hundreds of additional audience members gathered from all over the world waiting to hear the announcement of the winner, we are honoured and proud to have claimed 1st place ranking for the 2012 Innovative & Change Award!

In under a decade we have grown to be an international entity and always held corporate social responsibility at the forefront.  We constantly thrived to separate ourselves from the pack with innovative ways to recycle our e-waste but more importantly find recycling solutions where needed and venture into the world of upcycling materials and giving back to the community and cycle of life, further reducing global stress on our landfills and waters.

Above all, we never lost focus on the needs of our partners and clientele.  They needed us to “Do What’s Right” and by the unanimous decision and honourable accolade received, we believe we did.

On behalf of the ERS INTERNATIONAL family, thank you all for this prestigious recognition.

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