Earth Day

Let’s celebrate Earth Day to increase awareness and appreciation of Earth’s natural environment.

On Friday April 22nd:

  • We request all employees to bring in any recyclable unwanted electronics and get a tax receipt from ReBoot (No CRT monitors and no household electronics will be accepted)
  • We will be spending two hours cleaning up our workplace, starting with our immediate work areas, warehouse, office and the immediate vicinity surrounding the ERS building
  • After the cleanup we’ll all gather in the lunchroom, where lunch will be provided for all employees
  • Let’s all try to use less paper, and turn the lights off when we are not using them
  • Bring in your own mugs or reuse your cups to cut down on waste
  • Every little effort helps!

ERS Recognition-Epiphany of Our Lord Catholic Academy

ERS was recognized today by the Epiphany of Our Lord Catholic Academy for our generous donation of tablets to the school.

The event today was really great and definitely worthwhile, the kids were amazing and went to a great deal of effort to show their gratitude via a video they created. The school presented ERS and reBoot with A Certificate of Appreciation and A letter of Recognition from the community Member of Parliament.  The school was truly very appreciative of ERS’s generous contribution.

Innovation Technology & Application

Vancouver, BC

The Globe Foundation has proudly supported the commitment of business leaders by recognizing outstanding achievement in environmental stewardship with the GLOBE Awards for Environmental Excellence. Considered to be the most high-profile national awards series of its type, it is with great privilege that I unveil ERS International as the 2014 winner of the Globe Award in the category of Innovation Technology & Application.

ERS International was one of 3 finalists along side Bombardier Aerospace & Kruger Inc.  Two very well known companies for their global reach, innovation and environmental stewardship.
It was a privilege to be amongst these finalists, it was an absolute honour to be the award recipient.

Join me in congratulating ERS International for their prestigious recognition, but more importantly, thanking them for their groundbreaking recycling & upcycling technologies whose positive environmental impact has paved the way to a cleaner, greener earth.

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