March 27, 2014 ers

21st Century Business Television: ERS International

Ladies and Gentlemen,

It is with great privilege that I share with you ERS Internationals – International Television Debut!

ERS International will be sharing its story with the world via 21st Century Business Television and their broadcasting Networks.

21st Century Business Television, an award winning business program airing to over 100 Million viewers, prides itself on unique businesses making a difference within their field or industry.  The show is half hour and typically showcases 3-4 stories/corps.  In our case, our story and field reports were so intriguing, we were granted the full 1/2 hour slot – our own dedicated episode!

21st Century Business Television will be airing ERS International story on the following Networks:

  • Bloomberg International (Western, Eastern, Central Europe, Middle East & Africa):  Aired Sunday, March 23rd
  • Bloomberg Asia Pacific (Asia Pacific):  Aired Sunday, March 23rd
  • CNBC (USA, Canada [via Direct TV Satellite]):  Aired Wednesday, March 26th
  • FOX Business Network (USA, Canada [via Direct TV Satellite]):  Airing Saturday, April 5th @ 4:30pm (EST)
  • Other media outlets such as Vimeo, You Tube, Airline television programming, PBS.

This is an important broadcast opportunity for ERS International to expose its global footprint as well as the uniqueness of our state-of-the-art proprietary processing technologies, self-developed and self-designed industry equipment via ERS Manufacturing.

I encourage you all to read the press release (attached) that has pushed through the networks distribution list around the world as well as well as watch the video in its entirety and share our proud, environmentally sound story with all your friends, families and associates.

To all of ERS International:  We Thank You & We Applaud You for making a significant positive impact to our Earth.

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