How Much Does Electronic Recycling Cost?

With Electronics Recycling Services, drop-offs are always free.  Pickups, data destruction services and other value-added services are priced competitively.  For more information on pricing and pickups please Contact Us in order for us to provide you with availability and accurate pricing.

Key Terminology:
  • Recycling – Products are disassembled for core component recycling
  • Destruction – Products are physically destroyed, then broken into components for recycling
  • Recovery – Products are salvaged and any equipment recovered for reuse
  • Resale & Recovery – Products deemed as ‘free title’ and resalable are reintroduced into the consumer chain for reuse.
What Is E-Waste?

E-Waste is a popular term coined to describe discarded electronic products which are damaged or simply obsolete. While there is no clear definition for the types of items considered e-waste, (e.g. whether to include electronic appliances like microwaves), it is most often used in regard to consumer, business and office equipment.

What Items Do We Collect?

If it has a power on/off button and a power cord, we most likely accept it

Here’s a list of typical consumer materials we collect:

Computer peripherals including modems

Floor standing printing devices including printers, photocopiers, multi-function devices

Scanners, typewriters

Telephones and answering machines

Cellular phones and pagers


Audio and video players and recorders (eg. MP3, cassette, digital)

Cameras (web, digital, analog)






Video players/projectors, digital frames

Video recorders

Personal hand held computers

Desktop computers

Portable computers

Computer peripherals (keyboards, mice, hard drives, optical drives – CD, Blueray, DVD, HD-DVD)



Desktop printing devices including desktop copiers and multi-function devices

Where Do Your Recycled Materials Go?

Products collected by ERS International are either, recycled or destroyed in an environmentally safe way.  Our partner repair facilities can re-work anything that still has technological life in it and distributes it to charities or clients throughout the world for re-use.  If products have reached their end of life but still have reusable components such as plastics or metals, we break them down into their component pieces and recycle them.  For data, drives, prototypes and anything else where security is an issue, we thoroughly destroy them using our proprietary destruction process.  Our unique closed loop audit system provides our clients with a thorough audit trail for their processed e-waste materials.

Why Can’t I Just Throw My E-Waste In The Trash?

In most states it is now illegal to place electronic equipment into the trash.  Mercury, lead and other hazardous materials can leak from landfills into our earth and water supply, accumulating at unsafe levels.  The EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) and State Authorities are increasing their attention to this issue and have levied fines.  Proper disposal prevents damage to the environment as well as unpleasant legal consequences.

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